Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Lovely Guppy Tank

Guppy is always my favourite fish. She is fancy, soft and active. Although my guppy is not pure but for me it's fanstatic. I'm learning to keep this fish healthy and got a lot baby guppy. It is really happy to see the mother guppy pregnant and give birth of around 30 to 50 little fish. Unfortunately, i only successful keep one baby guppy to be an female aldult fish in 4 months. She is skinny and weak. Recently, i buy some guppy to add in my tank and its look more happy and merrier. I think one day i will have a better aquaplant tank and full of pure guppy which is Blue Grass or Wild double sword guppy.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sea Coconut and Lou Han Guo Dessert

Recently the weather is hot. Last Saturday i went pasar malam and saw there sea coconut sell at the vegetable stall and only RM3.80 per pack so i decided buy it back and cook with "lou hon guo" (RM2.50 - good quality one) and the dry loong ngan for KP since he like to drink it very much. Wow... he like it a lot...

Hotdog and mozzarella cheese bun

Yesterday i have baked some Hotdog and mozzarella cheese buns successfully. The feeling is extremely happy and sastify. I have tried a lot recipe from books and even from other bread making blogger but at the end i failed. Luckily i got an email from Tarc about a short course which is only 4 hours to make this kind of bread, therefor i paid RM80.00 and learn from sifu. My first attempt is failure but this second tried, it turn out very successfully. I think my next try will try my best to make this bread more "good looking". Ha ha...