Wednesday, July 15, 2009

DIY Plain Yogurt

Few days ago, when to Cameron Highland for a short holiday. Then, we were introduce by Ah Ping's colleague to try the straberry yogurt at the strawbery farm.

Emm... it is taste good and Ah Ping quite like it. If mix with honey, it's taste even nicer and naturally. So i decided to have a good try on it.

Finally, I'm successful done this DIY plain's smooth and soft like tau foo fa. But i dun have starwberry, so i mix it with kiwi.

The ingredients is just a pack of Ducth Lady cream or fresh milk and two tsp plain yogurt.


1. Boil the milk around 80 degree to kill the germ. (make sure u stir it while boiling the milk)

2. Put the boiled milk on the top of pot water to cool it until 35-42 degree

3. And mix well with the 2 tbs yogurt.

4. Faster put it into a rice cooker anc cover it.

5. Leave it around 5-8 hours. (Normally i will do it at night, and it will be Ok the next morning)

6. Keep 2 tbs yogurt in a clean container and keep in the fridge for next time doing it again.

7. Store in the fridge for better taste.


  1. Interesting blog. I got curious with your DIY yogurt recipe...I love yogurt and might try your recipe one of these days.:)