Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Orange Butter Cake

Yesterday went to Jusco and accidently saw a self raising flour call as MFM flour so i bought it because no need to add baking powder. Some more i have bought some butters because i wish to try again the butter cake that i could not make it as fluffy as i wish to. May be pratice make perfect, so i still wanna try again. Haha... there is a lot orange in fridge, hehe... i want try an orange taste buttercake. And i heard my mom's friend mentioned before the orange butter cake. Based on my memory... Just do it! Who knows it even taste better than my previous butter's finally fluffy and smell good...Haha...
250g Butter
250g self raising flour (MFM flour)
180g Caster Sugar
5 eggs
1/2 cup fresh orange juice
1 orange rind (just the surface skin, not the white color skin)
1. Let the butter melted. Then put it into the mixer bow together with the Caster Sugar. Mix well until it look white yellowish (lighter color from the butter) and soft.
2. Put the egg one by one and mix it well before adding the following egg.
3. Add in the orange rind into the batter and mix well.
4. Then, use spatula to mix it well with self rasing flour and fresh orange juice by follow one direction to mix it.
.5. Put into the preheated owen to bake it for 45 minutes. And serve it after cool.

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